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Barbara Logan

For many years, Barbara Logan has been researching skincare and nutritional products in her quest to find the ultimate in a product line that would work safely and effectively in maintaining and perhaps reversing the visible signs of aging.

Her twenty year modeling and television career, performing under intense lighting and heat while filming, wearing heavy fashion-show make-up and being subjected to glaring lights for long photo shoots was certain to take its toll on her skin without an exceptional skincare program. Always aware of the benefits of products free of harsh chemicals and animal testing plus the importance of vitamins for overall wellness, she would use a mixture of products that contained the latest discoveries in advanced ingredients.

My bathroom counter looked like a garage sale of products. I often wondered about the long-term benefits of products that were formulated from various manufacturers who were not working together to form a complete, synergistic line of products that made sense. After many years of using my own ‘discoveries’ and constantly getting compliments on my skin, I decided to offer these formulas as a complete system for anti-aging to the public. I traveled to many manufacturing plants across the country and researched breakthrough ingredients in Europe before putting together ‘the best of the best’.

"My products were actually formulated starting with a list of ingredients that were absolutely necessary in achieving safe, effective and visible results with scientific and clinical research to insure their efficacy. Also included on the list, were ingredients that I absolutely did not want, which included many harmful chemicals that are found as standard ingredients in many commercial products. Quality, not cost, of ingredients were of utmost importance to me……What has resulted is a product line where excellence and results are the norm.” 

Barbara Logan


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